Thursday, March 23, 2006

Welcome back Spring, now updated!!

I've Updated this post by adding this sweet poster collection I ran into while looking for reference on eyeballs.

Fantastic animation about the end of the world. Courtesy of David and Laurent Nicolas of Partizan Lab

Also here's a nifty little toy
Essentially it is the Photoshop dropper tool in real life.

And here is a nasty little gallery of hilarious art.


Sunday, March 19, 2006

And they will be fed.

Ok, so I've finished reading the following books

The Universe is a Green Dragon

by Brian Swimme

Befriending the Earth
By Thomas Berry with Thomas S.J.

by J.E. Lovelock

The Universe Story
By Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry

Here's a picture inspired by this work that I've completed.

These books were a lot to take in, and I feel the better for going through them. I've learned about the big picture of the organization/process that has bought us to the now. About how it is our resposibility to be aware of this story which we are a part of. No matter how many religions and perspectives, they are all one story with one source leading up to us.
I've also gone to watch V for Vendetta and Syriana within the weekend and I've been left with a mind that is spinning and questioning of the world, though these products of imaginations can be reffered to as celluloid distractions they too carry the message.
Everything does, every atom has the one story within, our bodies and waste.

We cannot ignore our evolution, we must be mindful of our actions and choices. The time will come when the horror of the world will fully stand before us and we must remember who we are. No matter how bad it gets, there is always a way.

I found these works to be very reassuring that no matter what the process continues. They also remind me of the hermetic teachings, "above as below."
Change yourself and the world will follow. Opstimistic? Perhaps.
I still believe in my power. In the power of ideas.

Just reading about how the universe formed, how it developped from hopelessness to miracles.
We are all in it together, lets not fight it. We can all get out together, out of our lies.
Freedom through knowlede, knowledge from within.
We can't be alone, ever.

Let our wish be the wish of the earth. Let us look and partake in communion within.


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

From a chat

the thing is, apperently conciousness can be explained as a quantum process

perhaps the satori is coming into contact with the eternal pool of the quantum world

where there is a void of everything and everywhen

a real contradiction and we're the harvesters

drawing lines in this sand

deciding what is real and what isnt?


a little job given to us

does this go into why you wanted handwriting?


everthing I believe in goes in that

its still hard to categoraze the sublime I find

I like the theories and thoughts, fruits of the imagination

but the real is unseen

and untold

I can grasp, but sometimes you just have to stand there

I think there are idea-creatures powered by the intent of us. like mirrors of mercury waiting to tell us the secrets we already know

and any supernatural visitor or god just comes and holds a mirror to everything

the great fear that it is us after all

by us, I don't mean to say just us humans

we're the expression, that has the gift of understanding

gift-curse type deal

we took the bite of the apple

now we know, and we know a lot

and I'm rambling about what you already know.