Tuesday, March 07, 2006

From a chat

the thing is, apperently conciousness can be explained as a quantum process

perhaps the satori is coming into contact with the eternal pool of the quantum world

where there is a void of everything and everywhen

a real contradiction and we're the harvesters

drawing lines in this sand

deciding what is real and what isnt?


a little job given to us

does this go into why you wanted handwriting?


everthing I believe in goes in that

its still hard to categoraze the sublime I find

I like the theories and thoughts, fruits of the imagination

but the real is unseen

and untold

I can grasp, but sometimes you just have to stand there

I think there are idea-creatures powered by the intent of us. like mirrors of mercury waiting to tell us the secrets we already know

and any supernatural visitor or god just comes and holds a mirror to everything

the great fear that it is us after all

by us, I don't mean to say just us humans

we're the expression, that has the gift of understanding

gift-curse type deal

we took the bite of the apple

now we know, and we know a lot

and I'm rambling about what you already know.


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Soul Spiral said...

Hmm... Idea creatures powered by the intent of us. In looking at The Sublime, isn't that what creation is? We being those idea creatures, living out those ideas (creating our paths) and thus when we arent living up to that potential set before us we go on feeling voided somehow. Unsure of ourselves, and the universe around us.
And if we are the idea creatures of this great sublime being, and we also have our own idea creatures, setting out to bring our wills to fruition, What then is their to seperate us from that being who thought us into existance?
And moving onto these fears we see in the mirror's reflection,
In observing them, do we not create them? And if we create them, then what power have they over us? In creating these fears, do we not also create the courage to face them, simply by observing them?
So then what is there left to fear? What happens when you look past the surface of the reflection and step into that world?
That is when communion happens.
When you look head on at what is being shown to you and embrace it.
Without question. You don't need questions, only a simple understanding of the idea.
Then only you can get in the way of fufilling your purpose.