Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The green flame within

Yesterday came and I spent the sunset in a hidden swingset, going up into the blue and down into the snow covered bricks and glass. On my walk home I studied the perspective of my enviroment, thought about what to do with my gift.
I have a constant worry in the back of my neck, that I am wasting my potential with the mundane. That my dreams will dillute in the concrete and I will be sick and asleep, wrapped in plastic.

I refuse to give in, to let my insides fall out. I worry about what's to be done in the world of tomorrow, but I squander my moment. I have things to do, things I neglect. Books I promised I would read, pictures and stories to be told. I know that I have to focus on my promises before I can move on.

I will do what needs to be done, then take on the next. One step at the time.

Here's a round up of interesting links I've come across.

Mandala creation, by tibetan monks.
they carefully create the mandala with sand, the intricate designs contain meme-deites, much like the geometrical contructs of the psychedelic.

Reflecting the divine, one grain of sand at the time.

Looking for something to listen to while surfing the lower rings of the self aware net?
How about the soothing voice of Terrence Mckenna telling you about the machine elves and psilocybin?

Here it is in the Psychedelic Salon.

last but not least, when you're feeling down, sometimes the simplest of advice can really make a difference. Bypass the contemporary cynicism by gazing onto these beautiful pieces of love.
Good advice!

That's it for today.
Please leave a comment if you stumbled across this, I'd like to know who's looking in.



Jenny said...

I think you are doing well. If you're thinking about these things, you're not yet lost completely, and I know you will find your path. You are a Magician, and you give me hope and confidence, and you bring wonder and joy into my life. Do what feels right, always.

BEN said...

*pops in* All you have is this moment and you're sharing it with everyone and everything. From the coworkers around you, to the people you pass by during your commute, to the grand conspirators, all the way out to the planets circling the sun and beyond, it's this one moment that we're all sharing. The constant now. *jumps out*

Soul Spiral said...

It is in the mundane that mystic learns. It is in the mud that the lotus blooms.
You are a shaman on a hill, overlooking the masses, confused by their lack of understanding and how you can lead them.
You may think you are wasting the moment. Perhaps you are.
The great Sufi poet Rumi wrote in one of his quatrains (can't remember what one) "As essence turns to ocean the particles glisten. Watch how in this candleflame instant blaze all the moments you have lived."
All the moments... Every part of this life, the ones before, and the ones to come dance like dust particles in the sun.
Don't worry so much about the particles that you miss out on the beauty of the dance.

Rodrigo said...

I'm speechless and grateful.
Lets boogie!


Wage said...

Don't worry to much. It wont help anyone.


Rodrigo said...

To worry a little once in a while is only human and it helps me grow up.

I don't know if I'd be where I am today if I didn't worry about it.

Now I'm doing great, my earlier worries have gone away and paved my road to clarity.


Wage said...

I said don't worry TO much. I didn't say don't worry at all.


Rodrigo said...

bob marley was right.


Soul Spiral said...

Bob Marley is ALLWAYS right

Wage said...

I don't see what bob marley has to do with anything, unless there was a quote in there from something. but whatever.

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