Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Don't hit the reality Snooze

Came across a cheesy looking website with a profound message. I won't link the site, because this isn't about esthetics, it's about the message.

"You came into this life with a plan and a purpose. And you have an awesome power at your command. It lays silently inside, waiting. . . But you need to wake up and remember. Remember who you really are. Remember what you came here to do. And remember the awesome power. It is of great consequence that you do. I do realize that this must sound pretty crazy to you. But let me assure you; it is the truth. I wish there was something I could say or do that could instantly snap you out of it, but it doesn't work that way."

"Waking up is a process. Plato described it clearly in The Republic, (Book VII; The Cave) And even though that was over two thousand years ago, he wasn't the first. The Vedas, the oldest written records of mankind, are road maps left behind by awakened ones. They tell of the various techniques and methods they used to wake up from this somnambulistic, dream-like state that we human beings live in."

"Imagine that! The very first entry in the journal of mankind is a call to awaken. It tells us that we human beings are not who we think we are; it calls upon us to awaken from this sleep-like state, and remember that we are so very much more than we think we are. And it describes the power. And ever since, artists, saints, and poets, throughout all the ages, have endeavored to call our attention to this higher and truer state of existence."

I believe that our world, defined by our perceptions and programming has led us in a path of destruction and fire. I do not see this as a negative factor, in the great scheme of things negative and positive are just degrees of measure, it all is one thing, it's one story.

For us to be great and to rise above we need to be at the bottom, in the shallow pools of our consciousness, waiting to be evaporated and brought back in to the air. To be the rain that falls down on the Earth and oceans. We need to reconnect.

I find it hard to be connected when I live in such a glittery world of technological hysteria and cancer-like greed. I watch them walk and talk about how they want more and how they want and want. I have gotten everything I wanted... I now ask myself what do I need?

I need truth, no more sarcasm. No more absent mindedness, the key is in attention to the details, the little things that make it all worthwhile. I refuse to let my mind be taken by programs, by a pop song. I want my brain to breathe pure and free.

I want to make the sacrifice, to give my attention and love.

I won't walk away when resposiblity calls.

I found a moment of connection this past weekend in a get away trip to London Ontario, I went there to train with my friend Jonathan, whom is right now a belt away from Black Belt in Kung Fu.
We went to a park outside of the heavy urban area, down Wonderland road, by a native open museum onto a sprawling park of sleeping trees and white ice.
In the snow covered mud and rocks we ran and jumped over streams of water, leaving our tracks by the ones of the inhabitants of the forest.
It was there when the world of the unadulterated nature made its way into my lungs and blood. My blood felt like fire, the air was ice down my throat. Taking it all in I found myself as a functioning pat of the woods, not as a visitor, but as a component.

On the way back from London we were walking by the river Thames across from a large park, there was a bright full moon over us, like a dancer that swings veils of blue clouds to an eternal song. I looked up, took that image in and gave a silent prayer of gratitude.

That was my key, to be grateful. No matter how things can get there's always something to be grateful about and when you give that out, when you put that emotion in the open, the world responds and sees you as a participating part of it. It is the communion that we have left behind, to be grateful to everything also means to be grateful to yourself.

It is them most empowering feeling, gratitude/love.

Thank you.


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BEN said...

What cannot be seen with the eye, but that whereby the eye can see: know that alone to be Brahman the Spirit and not what people here adore. What cannot be heard with the ear but that whereby the ear can hear: know that alone to be Brahman the Spirit and not what people here adore... What cannot be thought with the mind but that whereby the mind can think: know that alone to be Brahman the Spirit and not what people here adore.