Monday, September 04, 2006

RIP Steve Irwin

yeah, I haven't updated for a while, I think this is a good time.

here's something I read just now

Irwin's killer ray 'was probably startled'

By Leticia Makin

September 04, 2006 03:32pm

THE fatal stingray attack on Steve Irwin may have occurred because the animal was startled or frightened, an expert said today.

Victoria Brims, a marine life expert from Oceanworld in Sydney, said the stingray that killed Irwin was most likely provoked.

"I am aware he was filming a documentary and his documentaries are usually very hands on. I can only assume that he had some kind of hands on or close contact with the animal who like us when we get afraid defended itself," Ms Brims said.

Brims also said that for a sting to result in death the person involved had to be stung close to the heart and also have a reaction to the sting.

"For the most part people get stung on the foot when they accidentally tread on a ray and this can be no worse than a bacterial infection," Ms Brims said.

"Their barbs are very strong and release poison if touched. It must have got him right near the heart but the barb would not have gone through his chest."

There was an accident of this kind two years ago in Coogee but the man involved was treated by medics at the scene and survived the incident.

Brims said she had always dreamed of meeting Irwin. "He can be a bit quirky at times but he loved his work," she said. "It is a sad day and I am sure everyone around the world will hear of his death."

The stingray was doing what it does... and so was Steve. Thanks for showing us the beauty.


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