Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Future shower plus hat tip

View from the city of gods

I'm going to work soon, so I'll make this short. I was thinking while in the shower, about things to come up in the future. I was thinking about books in pill form, dream themeparks, retina tracking cgi generating theatres, nano advertising clouds...
there's talk of having a hyperspace drive working in 5 years.

All these ideas are already there in the meme pool of the universe, we're just fishing them out.

Everybody's wishes are coming true, am I asking for the right things? I would like some time to look at the sky, to chill out and to see if I can listen to my own heart beat, before I buy a nano vascular MP3 player with a playstation 5 built in it.

The silicon dream...
The new stone age.

Speaking of, now that I am at work I've textured up something I've built.
Here it is.


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