Monday, January 16, 2006

Monday, into the cold sun of January.

Hello Doctor

"The observer effect means that unless and until the moment of observation the universe exists only as a possibility. Until you observe it, in other words without a conscious sentient being, the universe doesn’t exist."

Very interesting article, the mind as the eye and the soul as the understanding.
I went for a walk with my friend Patricia to the lakeshore of the city, it was so calm and the water appeared to move in two directions at the same time.
It's beginning to get cold again, we had such a nice warm couple of days earlier and now back to January, cold and clear. I can see the people walking by from where I'm sitting, now that I have windows behind me in this new location at spin. 2 of our guys left for better companies and we got to scavenge their former areas. I ended up securing myself a new desk in a corner with a nice view.
Today has been slow, so I'm gonna work on my art.
As you can see I drew a picture, I intend to keep them coming.

That's it for now.


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