Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Post human blues

Moore's law has been in my mind as of late. It states that the rate of growth of transistors and processing power doubles itself exponentially.

I came across a great set of podcasts about artificial intelligence and the development of a hardware/organic entity and it's implications in our immediate future. Take a good look at our progress in history and our progress in the last 200 hundred years. We're on a mad race of novelty which will lead us to a technological singularity. McKenna, the Mayans, the Olympics geez, things are coming ahead within the next 6 years. Then again, when aren't they coming you could say.
But you cannot deny that things are speeding up, new technology is coming out every week and the world is like a stretched out rubber band. Back in the middle ages life as almost static, things people only knew one set of things and kept going. Now I find myself resetting my belief structure every other day.

Well lets make this post a posiblility window into our future.

Click here for a two parter podcast about AI.

"...our purpose is to build something beyond us, to be more."


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Jenny said...

Hey, I just left a comment but I think I did it in the wrong place - I don't see it showing up.
Anyway, that Terrence McKenna radio show was incredible! Thanks for that! Let me know if you find more from him. I will listen to that AI thing too.