Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sweet Wednsday

Thanks goons.

Got that Kal el from the something awful forums, good content there. Turns out that most of the funny things that circle around the net come from there or end up there.

I went to see Munich with Ben and Brett last night, great movie about violent dialogues and the need for a home. I recomend it, also I think Eric Bana would make a really good Snake from Metal Gear.

Onto more significant topics...

Everyday this week I've been waking up and giving myself a second to plan out the aim of my day. A little mental excercice to affect the quantum field around me with my will, my themes vary from happiness, challenge to change.

here's a sample from something I read today:

...Now if I were able to look inside your brain, there would be no candle there - just a binary code of photons flickering on and off. The question is, where was that image before I asked you to think of it? The point I am trying to make is that when I ask you to envisage a sunset or a candle flame, before you remember it that information is not in your brain. The information shows up in your brain as soon as you have the intention to remember. So where was it before that? It existed as potential in consciousness but it wasn’t in your brain.

Flickering potential, manifested....
Have a nice day!


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