Friday, January 13, 2006

Swing alley

Last night was a full moon, so after work I ventured out to the dark alleys of the city searching for this, the swing in the alley. If you follow this alleyway in between Queen and Richmond heading east you'll come across a small alleyway , blocked by a broken fence, littered with rocks and bottles and who knows what else. You can see in the picture how the walls converge at the end, creating a macabre faux depth in an area filled with scribbles and random self modifying street art. Perhaps the shuffling in there caused the dust to rise, thus I got these ORBS floating in there, thought there was no rain nor visible light reflecting objects... just brick and darkness.

Here is a rough map that I made of the location in question, if you found it you should see the bats stuck to the walls nearby. When you see them you'll know what I mean.

The night continued with further venturing with my friend Adam
whom met me nearby and accompanied me back to the place in question, to get more pictures, I managed to get a couple more before the batteries died on me.

Adam and I went back to his place and watched the new Dawn of the Dead with his girlfriend Stanzie. It was a fun gory movie, though not as strange as the original. I will always love the bumbling zombies more than the running ones.
After a walk under the moon I made it home and practiced some tai chi in the backyard (less yard, more cement plates) and thanked the everything for a good day and a good life. I got lots of mail, mostly being bills. Thought I did receive 2 comics made by a friend from London On called Geography of Nowhere. I read them and then my girlfriend did too so that she could see that it wasn't a love letter from a secret lover. I liked the comics, they were heartfelt, melancholic and true. The author of the comics is Teresa Danielle , feel free to email her and ask her for a copy at she'll more than happy to send you a pair of comics. Yeah grassroots publishers!!

Right now I'm at work and my girlfriend is playing the guitar and singing to me over the phone, I love it. She sounds great!

That's it for now.


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Jenny said...

Hey, I still have to listen to that AI podcast...when I finally don't have to study anymore - and when I'm not watching LOST!!!!!!